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Why We are Luminous Blue

How did we come up with the name "Luminous Blue"? There are a lot of great studios with the color blue in their name - "Blue Sky", "Blue, Dream", "Big Blue", "Blue Cat", "Blue Arc" - and the monster kids and family franchise "Bluey"! But the name has a more specific origin for us.

There is a space phenomenon called "Luminous Blue Variables", which are rare, massively evolved, supergiant stars. They are unusual supernovas with a high degree of variability and unparalleled luminosity. Some of the most exciting ones in the Milky Way are Eta Carinae, AG Carinae, and HD 168607. Randy created a few images below of what they look like in space.

When we formed our studio, we knew it would not be easy. We launched an independent, original animation studio, using new approaches to the animation pipeline, during an extremely challenging business climate. So we needed something really massive and beautiful to light the way and keep us going. The luminous blue variable is a seemingly impossible phenomena that is, in fact, real, and it radiates a supernova of inspiration.

It is our hope that everything we create, inspires you to experience something totally new in surprising and exciting ways. Check out this article from NASA about luminous blue ESO 185-IG013!

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