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Remember the first time you saw Superman fly? Or heard the opening fanfare of Star Wars? Or watched Elliot say goodbye to E.T.? We do. And we’ll never forget.


Whether we’re telling them or watching them, everyone at Luminous Blue is passionate about stories; what they can teach us, how they can move us, and where they can take us. Our stories take audiences on incredible adventures to strange, new places to ultimately bring them back home changed for the better. With a combination of humor, feeling, fancy, and familiarity our characters weave tales that engage no matter the age or the platform.


Randy's studio photo (1).jpg

Creative Director

Randy has had the great pleasure of working on over 80 films now for film studios across the globe. He has worked for high-profile directors such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, M. Night Shyamalan, and Martin Scorsese.  His love for animation started at an early age and now takes the next natural step forward, helping to build a creative culture that includes passionate and youthful spirits looking to collaborate on amazing projects.


Head of Story

John graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a masters in professional writing

before ultimately relocating to San Francisco (where he awaits word on his application to Starfleet Academy). In the meantime, like a true 49er, he’s constantly prospecting for great stories wherever they might be found.  Prior to Luminous Blue, John wrote for properties including Tom & Jerry, Frozen, The Incredibles, and Sleeping Beauty, among others.


Executive Producer

Norman is an entertainment tech entrepreneur and intrapreneur who has launched startup entertainment companies and new initiatives within existing entertainment companies, including Disney, Sony, DreamWorks, Lucasfilm, and Amazon.  He is passionate about storytelling and artist collaboration in emerging media.  A lifelong fan of animation, Norman is looking forward to creating a vibrant artist community around Luminous Blue Limited.

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