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Runimoggers: A New Adventure Story Series

We're obsessed with treasure quests. Especially the challenging kind. And even better if you need to get everyone you know to help figure it out! So we've created a new kids and family series that captures the heart of WB/Amblin's "The Goonies," with a digital twist, and adventures that take you to all parts of the world. Imagine stumbling upon a trunk of old letters and images that lead you to discover the Aegis, the Shield of Perseus! We have developed rich mysteries based on myth, history and a little magic that lead to the locations of the most amazing objects around the world. And we are fortunate to have one of the best narrative game designers around, Bonnie Burton, formerly of Lucasfilm and Hunt-A-Killer Games, to take you on the journey. Get ready to join the Runimoggers this Fall!

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