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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

San Francisco, CA – Luminous Blue Limited (LBL) is a new animation studio that creates global, timely television and films for kids ages 8-14. The team is composed of seasoned creative and business executives from Disney, DreamWorks, and Lucasfilm with a passion to create high impact, culturally relevant stories using cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

Where traditional animation companies rely on overseas, third party partners to produce animation – LBL will leverage local talent and technology to produce stunning animation and to maximize creative flexibility for LBL artists. The content produced by LBL can easily be transitioned to various media formats to extend the LBL experience.

LBL’s audience is kids ages 8-14 (the “Fortnite” demographic) where videogame visuals are the norm and stories exist in a world outside of their everyday experience. LBL elevates these visuals and engage all kids worldwide through new, relevant stories that empower and thrill them.

LBL’s first three projects include: ODYSEE, a kids tv series that finds the extraordinary in the ordinary; MY SAMURAI, a feature film about the best friend a kid can have; REALMS, a spectacular sci-fi feature film about life after climate devastation and the next generation’s only hope. LBL has several other projects in development and is open to working with new artists to develop their own projects as well.

Drawing from a rich talent base in the San Francisco Bay Area, LBL has an artist team led by Randy Gaul (STAR WARS, WAR OF THE WORLDS, TROLLS), John Edwards (TOM AND JERRY, DISNEY PUBLISHING), and Norman Praught (LUCASFILM, DREAMWORKS, AMAZON). The team draws from talent around the world with a common mission to produce great animation.

To find out more visit or contact:

Norman Praught


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