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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for "like"-ing what we do and watching us grow! But we're not gonna lie -- it ain't easy. This year has been really challenging for original animation. Streaming business models are shifting to favor established branded content, short-form entertainment is still challenging to monetize, and we're still recovering from an excess animation supply as a result of COVID. All these pressures, along with the drive to innovate through AI, have made it incredibly hard for great, new stories from talented artists to reach their intended audiences. But we are committed to these stories and to these artists. We know fantastic opportunities await new tech to improve the animation pipeline and we are starting to use a few of these tools. But it is all in the interest of realizing an artist's vision and connecting with our audience. Despite this year's challenges, we are still incredibly grateful to be a part of this rich, vibrant animation community and to celebrate the many talents of our LBL artists and artists everywhere. We're all in this together, we support you, and we can't wait to celebrate your next creation!

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