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Celebrate Earth Day!

Climate change and its impact on Earth constitute significant themes in many of our narratives, and they represent an urgent concern for families and communities both today and in the future. According to NASA's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

"The magnitude and rate of climate change and associated risks depend strongly on near-term mitigation and adaptation actions, and projected adverse impacts and related losses and damages escalate with every increment of global warming."

Droughts, wildfires, extreme rainfall, shifts in plant and animal habitats, and melting glaciers are occurring at a swifter pace than scientists previously anticipated. Despite being the largest global emissions initiative, the UN Paris Agreement is struggling to achieve its 2030 goal of a 45% reduction in emissions and is at risk of not attaining its long-term objective of achieving zero net emissions by 2050. According to, 2023 marked the warmest year since global records began in 1850.

However, all hope is not lost! If today's youth grasp the significance of climate change and realize their capacity to effect change, we can mitigate its progress for the better. Recently launched by the Aspen Institute, the Nature Conservancy, and Planet Media, This Is Planet Ed is a website dedicated to empowering children to address climate change. Its inaugural video, "This is Cooler" serves as an invigorating call to action, equipped with tools for family discussions.

Furthermore, we are in the process of developing two projects, "Otter Madness" and "Jelly Smack", which delve into climate change issues using adorable characters and engaging narratives designed to inspire children to develop a profound appreciation for the natural world.

The media industry holds a crucial role in maintaining environmental concerns as a priority in development agendas, as we possess the ability to ignite hope, dreams, and transformative change. Join us in celebrating today and exploring new avenues to cherish the world around us.

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